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Welcome to The Blank Page, a radical reimagining of healing and hope. 

I'm Jess, and I serve people who believe another world is possible. I use a synthesis of coaching, counseling and mentorship to connect clients to their inner magic, and empower them as they use that magic to transform the future. 

Our work together is a journey of legitimizing and creating your desires. It both challenges and resources you, so you can hone your gifts and wield them lovingly, and powerfully for the benefit of your own future and our collective future together. 

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Rock Maze

"We need to free the indomitable spirit to make this a better world for all living things." 

-- Jane Goodall 


Whether or not we allow ourselves to connect to, validate, and create magic is woven into our ideas of safety and threat and death. If somewhere along the way you got the message that magic is frivolous or dangerous, you will self-limit. Magic is not dangerous - it is what heals us, and creating from that place is what heals our world. But it takes time, patience, and support to learn to validate and integrate your own power as a creator. In our partnership, I teach you how to recognize and legitimize your magic. I also listen for the sneaky voices of socialization and the dominant culture, and together we unearth the false limits you unconsciously abide. I empower you to build the future of your dreams. I hold you when you slam into a wall (as we all do, because it's part of the process), and I celebrate you as you stand, strengthen and grow. As you start to get a feel for your own legitimacy, dreaming and magic returns. This process is deeply healing - it liberates you, us, and our collective future together.  

With each of us that gets better, we all get better. I use a pricing model which is a sliding scale based on a percentage of Adjusted Gross Income. If you do not share income with anyone, you are considered an individual. If you share income with a spouse, partner, or group, you are considered a household. 


Clients start by purchasing a package of 60-minute blocks of time. Though I suggest we start at 60 minutes every other week, the blocks of time are meant to be used like Legos. You can build a structure that works for you, and like Legos, the structure can be dynamic. We might want to meet weekly for a few sessions if you are in the middle of a challenging time, or we might want to meet once a month if you are in the middle of cruising on Easy Street. These blocks can be stacked together into as big as two or three hour segments if, for instance, if we need more time together to integrate something substantial. They can be broken down into as small as 20-minute segments if, for instance, you need a quick crisis call, or a reality-check with a trusted source. 

Do you feel something? 

Book a complimentary consult and let's see if we make a good team.

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