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Welcome to The Blank Page, a radical reimagining of healing and hope. I'm Jess, a dynamic and highly-skilled facilitator devoted to collective liberation and relational healing. 

I support people like you in utilizing psychedelic medicine to liberate from harmful familial, sociocultural and systemic conditioning so that you can heal the root relationship to Self, and through that, your relationship to the world. 



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Rock Maze

"We need to free the indomitable spirit to make this a better world for all living things." 

-- Jane Goodall 


My process is structured around teaching clients how to practice with their trauma and conditioning. Every experience will either bind us, or liberate us, depending on how we practice with it. So before anything else we must learn how to practice, and then we must practice. If you are not interested in practicing outside of sessions, this space will not work in your favor. The process needs everyday tending, like any relationship, and it is so far from linear. No matter what you do, there will be moments of crisis and moments of peace, and you should expect that. Our locus of control is practice, Life’s locus of control is everything else, and we don’t confuse the two here. Good practice (not good results) is our aim because good practice is the only thing that will reliably bring good results.

Through learning how to practice, you will begin to understand how to recognize the voice of the real you. You will practice naming it, feeling it, reconnecting with it, trusting it, and then embodying that identity more and more often. This process will unearth the false limits you unconsciously abide, and will liberate you, us, and our collective future together.

In my experience, psychedelics are one of the best tools we have to support liberation and the healing at the root. Relational trauma, and the conditioning that binds us, happened very slowly over time and needs to heal slowly over time. Due to this, my methodology does not center a macro-dose. I steward clients in the use of micro-, mini-, and macro-dosing in either a 12 or 16 hour arc to start. Through this process, clients have an opportunity to build an intuitive relationship with psychedelic medicine so they come away knowing how to utilize a powerful healing tool for the rest of their lives. Eventually the medicine becomes the teacher, your own Intuition becomes the guide, and I step out of the regular frame.  

After 15 years in mental health, I have seen first-hand the way pathology can harm the root relationship to self. I work inside a distinctly non-pathological paradigm. This is not to say I believe mental health issues to be nonexistent, just that I believe the bigger paradigm to be misguided.

The paradigm of this practice holds that there is a foundational order that exists in the world, both without and within us. We train our attention on that order, rather than what traditional mental health calls “disorder.” This foundational, fundamental order is the true nature of all beings, including you, and bringing that into focus is what allows us to truly heal.

I have a particular speciality in working with women+ who want to heal from enmeshment, harm, or abuse by their fathers, or father-figures. 

t lights me up to support practitioners new to psychedelic medicine, and anyone wanting to to birth a creative endeavor into the world 



My fee for services is $200/hour. I dedicate at least 30% of my spaces to sliding-scale clients, and you are welcome to check in about sliding-scale spots. (There is generally a wait-list for sliding-scale spots.) 



Clients start by purchasing a package of hours that are time-banked. Though I suggest we start with the classic 60 minute session, minutes are debited as they are used, and how they are used is up to us. For instance, we can expand to 90 minutes or shrink to 45. Additionally, we can have a standing static structure, like weekly or fortnightly, or we can have a dynamic one that is responsive to you. You and I will partner on a schedule that works for you. 

Minutes are stacked together into daylong retreats if we are working with macro-doses. They can also be broken down into smaller 20 minute segments if, for instance, you need a quick crisis call, or a reality-check with a trusted source. 



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