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Welcome to The Blank Page - the liminal place between the stories of your past and the projections of your future, where all things are possible

I'm Jess. Classically trained in mental heath, leadership, and spiritual practice, I am an intricate woven tapestry of practical and theoretical. Science and spirit sit down at my table and have tea. Learning to host them simultaneously has given me faith that knows no limits, and humility that knows no bounds. Gifted with both, I guide people through the journey of saving their own lives. 

Why Me? 


  1. I didn't have a guide on my journey who knew how to guide me. Having maligned guides was worse than having no guides. I tailor every session specifically to you. You never have to commit to anything more than you want to. We go at your pace, in your time. You set the parameters. If we aren't a good match, I will tell you, so you can find your best guide. That is what we both want. Exit any time.  

  2. Fifteen years experience in my field/s before starting my private practice  

  3. My skillful, honed attention is my offering to you. Guiding someone through the terrain of saving their own life requires the guide to respond to the sojourner, not the other way around. Your own internal guidance is the thing that matters most, so that is where the focus is. It is my job to foster, nurture, highlight, and respond to that, specifically so that you can learn to foster, nurture, highlight and respond to that. I have had many long years of studying the material, and studying the way. In our sessions, I study you. You are my textbook. My process of attunement and responsiveness to you allows you to learn how to attune and respond to yourself.

  4. Risk-Management and Support: Risk-management is important because summiting on this journey is a powerful process, and it is far too easy to get fooled into believing we will live on that peak forever. (Spoiler alert, we won't.) Support is important because it takes time for the work to work, and we need a steady veteran presence, keeping us on the path, when the shit hits the fan, which it absolutely will. Through this process, we manage, and prepare for the road ahead, so you learn to expect, and thus meettrouble spots in advance, turning would-be obstacles into practice hurdles, which - with enough practice - actually become fun. 

  5. I love what I do, so people love to do it with me. 

    This practice takes 1-3 years on average, and it works. My clients learn to trust that they can catch themselves no matter what. If you yearn for this kind of change, even if you never imagined it was possible for you, and even if you have been failed by other methods,  join me. I cannot give you the will for this work, but if you have the will, I can show you the way

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