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Birth, Postpartum & Sibling Doula
Bereavement Counselor 
Sleep Training

My own birth journey was hard on me, and my family. I believe there were a lot of things about that time that reverberated into the home. After spending time at a K'ichua Birth Center in the Ecuadorian Amazon, I was inspired to get trained as a doula in order to bring deep support to new families — the kind which may have prevented such a challenging time in my own family. That was 2010 and I haven't looked back.  

Though I work across the doula-sphere,  I nest most comfortably as a postpartum night doula.
I have special love -- and talent -- for helping little ones with sleep, which nourishes everyone in the home. I do Sleep Training with my doula families, and independently.  

Alongside my doula work I have been a home chef for new families for several years. I also have degrees in psychology, and counseling. Working with parents who struggle with mood disorders, postpartum or otherwise, is squarely in my wheelhouse. Additionally I have been a certified bereavement counselor since 2007, and support families handling loss. 

My clients tell me my energy is calm and grounded. I am a steady, honest, kind and loving person. I have been deeply invested in well-being, and spiritual grounding for much of my adult life.  I have studied meditation and mindfulness both as a solo practitioner, and also as a working resident at a local Buddhist Center. During the days, I work at the intersection of Relationship Counselor and Spiritual Teacher, and  I dedicate myself to grounding and liberation practice daily -- both for myself and my clients across the board. I am committed to collaboration with every client. We become a team and we make our way through together. 

I charge $55/hour for an overnight shift with an 8-hour minimum

$60/hour includes cooking a meal that would replace the next night's dinner

If you already work with me, extra-contractual mental heath services, and sleep training are offered at a discount. 

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