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Liberation, Power and the Internalized World is a flagship year-long program which combines lectures, practices, coaching and guided journeys to highlight and uproot eons of internalized gender socialization forming the invisible frame of our cages. This program is valued at $6000 for the year and includes 12 classes, 12 group sessions, 24 1:1 sessions,  4 medicine journeys, a tight-knit community of peers, and so much more. 


Liberation Gender and Power is a 12-month experience that invites us to actively undo gender socialization that is keeping our highest selves in a box that is too small. 

Over 12 months we will meet together 24 times as a group - once at the beginning of each month for class + practice, and once in the middle of the month to connect with each other, share community and 


Each of you will meet 24 times with me personally to discuss class, and how it relates to your life.  

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