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Plant Nursery

Psychedelic medicines are a special part of my life and work. They have helped me, and many others liberate and heal.


If you enter my practice through the coaching side, we work together to figure out what an appropriate use of medicine might be for you. Often times it is a mix of micro-dosing, mini-dosing and macro-dosing at different times, depending on what is going on in your external world and what is going on in your internal world. The relationship with medicine from that side is a bit more fluid. 

This page is dedicated to people who are looking for a specific interaction with medicine, such as macro-doses (journeys), integration, or consulting. I offer medicine work packages, integration packages, and crisis care for those having had a psychedelic crisis. If you are a practitioner who is considering using medicine yourself, or who wants to use medicine with your clients, I can consult with you on both of these topics. I also consult solo-travelers who may want to check in with an experienced, trusted solo-traveler and guide.  

Remember: The medicine itself is not what heals you. You heal you, but for some of us, medicine can make that easier. 

Would you like to explore medicine work? Click below for a complimentary consult where we can talk more about what might work for you. 

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