Medicine work & Integration

Psychedelic medicines were the first things to give me traction in my own healing arc, and they are a special part of my practice. In no way are they necessary to the process; but they can speed things up and my practice engages with, and supports, their educated useThey have helped me, and many others liberate and heal. 

Psychedelics are supportive and helpful, but they are not magic cures. Medicine is one tool in the toolbox, it is not the point itself.  It is important to correctly set expectations, so we don't misjudge the process or our place in it. We aren't in control of the process. We are in control of expectations, and integration. 

Integration is the process of working with the lessons of the journey, and practicing with them in real life. Integration is our strength training. The journey itself is a head fake. Though medicines show us what is possible, the real challenge most often shows up during the Integration phase, after the journey is over. Integration is what stabilizes the expansion of the journey into long-term change. 

The medicine itself is not what heals you. You heal you, but for some of us, medicine can make that easier. 

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