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    What we do  

When we strip it all down, trauma is stress that the body could not process. It is stuck. In sessions, we work on the balance of both un-sticking that stress, and then practicing with processing so we can move old stress through, and not accumulate new stress. When we do both of those things, we can integrate trauma. Trauma fine-tunes the senses; trauma survivors are often highly sensitive to the environment. This can feel overwhelming, unfair and exhausting. However, when we integrate trauma, and liberate that sensitivity from the trauma response, it becomes an incredible superpower. Integrating trauma alchemizes this "weakness" into power.  

It is important to understand that this work takes time. You can plan to spend 1 to 3 years with me, investing in yourself. There is no silver bullet in this work. There is no magic formula. It takes intention, dedication, patience, and a lot of heart. First, we get real with your stress and your mess. When we do that, we have the ability to see clearly what is happening, rather than avoiding or bypassing.  I model unshakeable faith in you, your capacity, your capability and your future, until you can nurture this faith yourself. This is the skill you will learn through this wing. You will be able to reconnect to hope, faith, vision, and the truth that there is nothing wrong with you. You will learn to feel and connect with your inner knowing. This is un-sticking trauma. This is what allows us to move forward with processing and practice. 

Second, we figure out what is possible for you right now. How can we play here? This will differ depending on what else you are dancing with - but the point is we can always practice, and practice is the point. We have to be willing to prove to ourselves that we are worth more than the illusion of safety to which our trauma attunes us. Through our relationship, I model reliably and responsibly holding your emotions until you have learned how to name, feel and process them healthily-- in other words, how to hold yourself in this way. This is the skill you will learn through this piece. You will come to trust, without a doubt, that you can catch yourself, no matter what is happening around you. 

With healthy, loving, stable support that is focused and responsive to you,  you will flourish. As you flourish,  you will heal your own wounds, and dissolve blocks that will reveal the energy, desire, and power to be the visionary and creator of the future you deserve, and the world in which you want to live


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