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Pregnancy, Postpartum & parenthood

Much of my work centers around childhood wounding, and the place that childhood wounding often shows up - outside of with our partners - is with our children. This happens whether we’re aware of it or not - so being aware is a good thing. And “being aware” can feel a lot like anxiety, or depression, when you come to better understand the signs. Our body, and our psyche, is a friend to us. They are kindly trying to get our attention. Many of us were just never taught how to correctly interpret the signs.  

I have been involved in mental health for 15 years, and I have been a doula for ten of those years. In the metaphorical house of my career - grief counseling and crisis counseling both share walls with my doula work. For some of us, we need to grieve the childhood we know we deserved, but didn’t get, in order to be better parents to our children. For some of us, coming up against the fear of the unknown, the lack of control, or the looming self-doubt, is much more like a crisis mindset than we thought it would be. None of these things are bad - in fact, they are really, really good. But they can also be really, really challenging. It’s rare that people publicly share about the uncomfortable emotions that arise during pregnancy, or in the postpartum period (or even long after that). You can feel like you’re losing your mind. You can come to believe you are alone, and worse yet, that you are "bad". This is when it can be really helpful to have a benevolent companion at your side - someone who is familiar with the journey and knows how to re-orient you to the light. Feeling lost, out of your mind, bad, or shameful will only keep you spiraling, and stuck. Our work will help you keep your feet moving in the right direction - toward Love. Love infinitely expands to hold all things. We just have to learn how to let it. 

If you'd like to learn more, please contact me to set up an initial conversation. 

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