With each of us that gets better, we all get better. Pricing as a percentage of income is a deliberate step away from traditional models that uphold care as a privilege, instead of a basic human right. Support does not have intrinsic value; those who can pay more, do; so that those who can pay less, do. Money from higher paying clients directly funds work with lower-paying clientele. If you do not share income with anyone, you are considered an individual. If you share income with a spouse, partner, or group, you are considered a "household". If you don't see yourself reflected in this pricing model, please get in touch. Sometimes I can work with you.

Individual/Integration sessions are 1:1 sessions valued at .15% of your individual or household income (AGI) from $100 to $300. Sessions include teaching, dialogue, questions, and practice. I meet with people at a cadence that is decided upon by the client/s and myself. Sessions are 75 minutes in length and are offered in person, over the phone, or via video chat. Couples and groups require more complicated pricing formulas. Please reach out for more. 

Daylong Retreats are 1:1 medicine journeys valued at 1% of your individual or household income AGI from $650 - $2500. Retreats are 6.5 hours. They are offered in person, and for some medicines, over zoom. Retreats include an individual/integration session the following day, and light refreshments if you are local. I suggest 2 prep sessions and 4 integration sessions in combination with a daylong. Please visit the Medicine Work page for more.

Un•Conditional is a support group for people who are working to heal our addictions to our unconscious reactions, habits and conditioning. Un•Conditional will launch at the end of August and will meet weekly in a hybrid environment so that it can be inclusive of local Bay Area folks as well as anyone else connected to The Blank Page who is looking for support. This group will be freely given with an offer-what-you-can ask. It will include teaching, dialogue, practice, communal and personal support.


Practitioner Brunch is a space for practitioners of all sorts to commune, unwind, break bread, talk shop, network and connect. Practitioner Brunch happens every 3rd Sunday from 11am-1pm in Fruitvale. If you are in the Bay Area and you'd like to join us, please send me an email or use the website contact form