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With each of us that gets better, we all get better. I use a pricing model which is a sliding scale based on a percentage of Adjusted Gross Income. Support does not have intrinsic value; a model based on percentage of income takes a step toward equalizing care. If you do not share income with anyone, you are considered an individual. If you share income with a spouse, partner, or group, you are considered a household. 

The blueprints we are given are woven into our identity and into our idea of safety and threat and death. It takes some time and patience to let them go, and to trust our own unfolding. For this reason alone it is helpful to have a mentor and guide. In our partnership, I help you hear yourself better. You are my textbook and my test. I listen deeply for your truth, so we can magnify it together. I am your teacher, your guide, and your partner. Together we create an environment tailored to you. As you start to get a feel for remembering yourself, the blueprints you used to use begin dissolving, and a new way becomes possible. This process is any form is healing, and is called liberation.  

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