My degrees are in psychology and biology, with concentrations in neuroscience and evolutionary biology. I have lived and worked in monasteries, studying mindfulness and liberation. I also spent time working outside the US in Latin America, the Pacific and East Africa. This gave me perspective on how culture and language shapes us, and an understanding of systems.

The first ten years of my career, from 2003-2013, I gave to supporting mental health with youth in schools, wilderness therapy programs, and therapeutic boarding schools. I spent the latter half of that time as a leader and trainer in those spaces. In 2013, I added labor coachingpostpartum counseling, and mental health consulting to my resume. In 2015, I started coaching clients around mindfulness and liberation. In 2017,  I started working with psychedelics for complex trauma healing. I started my private practice in 2019. 

I have been trained in a variety of modalities over my career.  Before starting my private practice I worked:  

  • in active crisis response,

  • with somatics,

  • with cPTSD and Disorganized Attachment

  • with creatives 

  • with seekers

  • with people healing from from internalized oppression

  • with survivors of sexual violence

  • with survivors of loss (including violent loss, fetal/infant loss, and death by choice)

  • with survivors of abuse by the mental health care complex 

  • with overwhelmed new parents, and parents-to-be

Learn more about my Framework here.